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Why is the 2CV called 'Duck'?
Refering to the legend, a journalist shouted 'What an ugly duck!' when the car was presented in Paris in the Year 1948.
Right - my dear swan would have been the right words!
Okay, don't worry and let's have a closer look at the similarities of ducks and 'ducks'.
Always keep your plumes well-groomed. Spread a little adipose around the plumage so you don't have to worry about water. ducks
Ducks are roundly - everywhere.
Oh my dear women - don't look back in anger. I said ROUNDLY - not FAT!
Ducks bend their bodys from one side to the other while walking. Only outstanding persons call it derogative 'waddling'. waddle
ducks You can sometimes see small or bigger groups of ducks.
Ducks are not very thursty. drinking ducks
ducks Almost all ducks are coloured, but not all.
duck duck duck duck
No duck is like the other - no one!
The prototype can't be seen in nature anymore.
(The Picture is from and shows the 'Berlin exemplar' of the Archaeopteryx.)
Winter is not a good season. It is very slippy and if you are not careful, you can fall with your beak into the dirt...
Duck in winter Duck in winter
Therefore ist seems to be that most of the ducks reduce their action to the minimum. Just sometimes they have a look, if the snow has gone...
Duck in winter Duck in winter Duck in winter
At the time this happens, they gape, strech their wings and start the first turn of the new year..
Duck in winter Duck in winter Duck in winter

Let's have a look at some small but decisive differences:

This duck won't fly no more...
Tote Ente
(Thanks to Jacqueline for the adequate photo) you still can do something.
Ente tranchiert

More Pictures will follow ...