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All data on this and the following pages are provided with best knowledge. Nevertheless I cannot take over any warranty for the correctness of the data. If you'll find errors, tell me about that. I will eliminate them immediately both on these Internet sides, and (if still possible) at my 2CV. Following generations do not have to repeat the same errors. I am also grateful for each additional information, you can give to me. Here my thanks to all homepage operators and posters in different forums. My knowledge about duck technology and many cheats and tricks presented here came from different pages seen in the world wide web.
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Front axle (26th May 2006)
chassis suspension (30th May 2006)
Tank / fuel pump (2nd June 2006)
Engine + gear (8th June 2006)
Carburetor (8th July 2006)
Breakes (12th June 2006)
Breake tube (12th June 2006)
Handbreake (12th June 2006)
Breake fluid (12th June 2006)
Driveshaft (12th June 2006)
Starter (14th June 2006)
Engine parts (21st June 2006)
Topping-out ceremony (12th July 2006)
Pedals (17th July 2006)
Assembling the cockpit at my number 2 (30th July 2010)
Exhaust (18th July 2006)
Heating (18th July 2006)
Steering lock (20th July 2006)
Doors (21st Juli 2006)
Electric components - Dashboard (21st July 2006)
Electric components - enging compartment (21st July 2006)
Electric components - back (21th July 2006)
Ignition (25th July 2006)
Lights (26th July 2006)
Valve clearence (26th July 2006)
Safety seat belts (31st July 2006)
Windows (2nd August 2006)
Top (17th August 2006)
Seats (26th August 2006)
Still missing (Part 1) (1st September 2006)
Still missing (Part 2) (2nd September 2006)
Interior (18th July 2006)
Catalytic converter (14th April 2007)
Lockin reverse gear (14th April 2007)
Servicing (again and again...)
Oil leakage
Replacing axle bolts
Replacing wheel bearings
Body work - removing rust
Body work - welding
Body work - Redesigning back of the car (1)
Body work - Redesigning back of the car (2)
Paint job
Final assembly of no. 2
TÜV inspection of no 2
Engine revision
Number 3 - mechanics
Number 3 - bodywork

2CV Puzzle
The parts of the 2CV-puzzle.