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Pictures sent to me
This site starts to be filled bit by bit, but there is still much space left at the server ...
If you would like to present your car here, please send me a picture of it (or of your screwing work). The resulution should be at least 600 x 400 Pixels (more is better).
If you own a different car then a 2CV, you are also wellcome to send a picture.
My mailing address can be found in the column 'Contact'. I am pleased of every sending.

2CV Murat
2CV Murat 2CV Murat 2CV Murat
When Bernd was 55 years old, he finally bought the car of his dreams. Prior to this 2CV he always payed for the cars of his wife (which he was never allowed to drive)...
The little motor will not get into trouble with the (flat) mountains of Niedersachsen (norther German county), but it will have to fight against strong winds.

2CV Murat
2CV Murat 2CV Murat 2CV Murat 2CV Murat 2CV Murat 2CV Murat 2CV Murat
The red and black Charleston is owned by Fritz from Augsburg (Germany). He did not do the overhauling procedure by himself. Those work was done by a special 2CV garage.

2CV Murat
The bright shining green 2CV is owned by Murat from Wuppertal (Germany). He is overhauling the car for a round trip to Turkey and back. The travel will be more than 12,000km long and will start at August 2011. I hope to get more Pictures aubout his trip. Murat is a skilled truck mechanist and so a 2CV is just a small problem to him...
Engine, breakes and the other stuff of the technics have been repaired so far, hence the car will be ready to start, soon. Murat is a duck driver from the beginning of his career, because his first car was a 2CV. He bought this one in 2008 at Rügen (Germany).
The whole story about his trip can be read at his homepage.

2CV Gerrit
2CV Gerrit 2CV Gerrit 2CV Gerrit
The red and white Dolly is today registered at Edelijn / Holland and owned by Gerrit. It was registrated in Germany in 1987 for the first time.

2CV Dirk
An up-to-date photo of Dirk's project - not (yet) coasting on ist's own wheels. The wiggly photo is not caused by the old kingpins...

2CV Doeschewo Christa 2CV Ente am Strand Christa
Two great pictures about Ducks / Deux Chevaux.
You can see the white beauty of Christa from Berlin.

2CV David 2CV David 2CV David 2CV David
The progress of the construction work makes David look more confident about the future of his car (you can see him looking very desperate at a picture down below).
Overhauling a 2CV makes you happy...

2CV Eschkasten Renovierung 2CV Eschkasten Renovierung 2CV Eschkasten Renovierung
Down below you can see the starting of the overhauling procedure of Uwe's duck.

Always a blue sky above the opened roof like at the photos of Jens - that would be great!
The red and black "Charlène" was built in 1984 and has been overhauled in 2008. Jens and his wife bought this beauty in 2010, after several years of teetotalism. His first car, bought in 1989 was a 2CV - what else?


Jean-Louis from Switzerland digged in his photo album and found those beautiful pictures fom 1963/64.
In a second mail he sent me some more pics out of his treasure trove and told me the story behind:
"I was digging in my picture collection once more, but couldn't find many photos of my cars. We - my wife an me - were very young and the money was just enough to live. First we owned a Vespa, which consumed only little fuel and was very unpretentious. Than we bought a Simca Aronde Occasion costing 1000.- Swiss franc. It wasn't too reilable, very rusty and very thursty! The monthly wage was just 500.- Swis franc. That's why we decided to buy an old, beige colored 2 CV, which had to be overhauled before I could drive to the TÜV inspection. That was in 1964 and the inspector found out, that the car was bumping around while driving left turns. The car had no shock absorbers - so what could be the problem? We could not find out what the problem was, but at the second run at the TÜV, the problem did not occur and we passed the inspection. We traveled to Paris with this car while it was raining very strong. The engine was stuttering sometimes and I had really no idea why. I decided to fill in some oil whenever the problem occurred. When we came to Paris, there was definitely too much oil in the motor, but it was still running fine. Later I found out that there was some water at the contacts of the ignition wire!
After one year we also found out, that the right spring pot was blocked - that's why the car was bumping around sometimes. We obtained a 'new' one from the scrap yard and the problem was fixed. On a sunny saturday we repainted the beige car into a black and red one. When returning to work on Monday, my colleagues thought that I had bought a new car - the one who was helping me to repaint the 2CV did not tell them about our weekend work.
The car had a seat bench at the rear and the front, but the holes it was attached at, were veeery rusty. When accelerating "strong", the bench tilted to the rear (accelerating strong with only 12HP sounds funny, but this happend also while driving uphill). A friend of mine repaired the attaching points with the help of a strong flat iron bar.
We were often traveling around in the south of France with this car. Later we sold the car for 550,- Swiss franc - this 2CV was a real good investment. The engine had to be overhauled - maybe because of the high oil level while driving to Paris.

The follower was a 2CV AZAM6 (Belgian model) for some years and a Dyane 6. Traveling with those cars was always much fun for me and our children, looking out of the rear window and see the other cars comming closer. Our oldest son was able to identify almost all auto brands when he was 3 years old. Of course we were the slowest car on the road, but we stopped only rarely. We saw the cars, stopping more often, again and again on the trip. On downhill tracks we were the fastest car on the road, because many of the other cars still had flat spring suspensions at that time and could not keep up with our 2CV. That was funny!"

This picture shows the 2CV of Lothar with a historic companionship in a historic scenery - it was taken during the "Langenburh Historic".

Uwe is overhauling an Esch-bodywork by now.

Adrian emigrated from Friedberg (Hessen, German state) to Spain and he is collecting registration plates from his native county. He is still missing number plates from Weilburg (WEL) and Usingen (USI). If you have one, just contact me.
He sent me pictures of very special cars in another mail:
"Attached some pitures of the Fallas: During those folk festival, figures up to 25m high are built and burnt down in the night between the 19. and 20. of March. I saw a 2CV this year."

The chassis of the new acquisition of Thomas is cracked. Now his 2CV is looking into a better future at his garage.

2CV Charleston
2CV Charleston 2CV Charleston 2CV Charleston 2CV Charleston 2CV Charleston 2CV Charleston 2CV Charleston 2CV Charleston 2CV Charleston 2CV Charleston 2CV CharlestonB
Tom's black and yellow Charleston is homed at the garage of Phil Caron (see column links) these days to overhaul the leaking engine.
This 2CV was built in 1969, has a 425ccm engine and is coasting along the streets of Conneticut. It is not the original finish (the special edition Charleston was first offered in 1980), but looks great!

2CV Dolly
The base data is given at the photo.
Horst arouse his Dolly in 2009 from it's half-sleep, which last fore some years. He is driving on the roads of the administrative district of Gifhorn (northern Germany).

Right at the beginning of the winter, Martin sent me a picture of a film star. Beneath the snow is the 2CV of the Ludolf brothers. Their junk yard in Dernbach (Germany) is the theme of a TV series produced by DMAX.
I hope to get some more information about this car, soon.

David's 2CV was a gift of his parents half a year ago. It was stored in a barn for 17 years and gets overhauled these days to drive it at the bavarian roads (David lives in Erlstätt).
I hope the desperation of picture number 1 will turn into enthusiasm during the overhauling procedure...

The 2CV of Karlheinz is domiciled in Nidda (German town) and he owns this car since 2010.

Hans wrote about his "journeyman's piece":
"Hallo Norbert,
enclosed some pictures of the chassis replacement. I am the man looking out of the bodywork. Some small things are still missing (the warning lights and the stop light are not functioning yet) and the visit at the technical inspection agency has to be done, but the car is running fine. We own this car since 2003 and it is my first 'old' car. One anecdote about it: Me and my wife stopped smoking because of the 2CV. We bought the car without an ashtray and did not install one until today. That's why we decided to handle it as a non-smoking car. After driving the 2CV for 2-3 weeks we stopped smoking at all.
I am linving at the German region Oberfranken and the Fichtelgebirge starts right behind our home."

Here you can see how healthy it is to drive a 2CV...