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The transmission of the 2CV of the last production years has a weak point, i.e. the reverse gear. If a too high torque affects the pinion, it separates from the axle and blocks the transmission. That may happened when driving fast in reverse gear, when resetting at an upward gradient or when driving reverse in the snow with wheelspin.
How to fix this pinion by additional granulation, is described in the following.
2CV cover transmission
After removing heater pipes, air cleaner and so on, the gearbox cover can be unscrewed. This is held by 4 screw bolts (where brake hoses, negative terminal and the air cleaner are bolted) and 4 screws. While loosening the last screw, press the cover on the gearbox. Beneath the dent (red circle) is a spring, which could fall into the box otherwise!

2CV interior gearbox
Here you can see the interior of the gearbox. The red arrow marks the spring, mentioned above.
The blue arrow shows to the place of the gear wheel which has to be fixed, in this photo covered by the shift fork.

2CV gearbox pinion
Here you can see the pinion. The arrow points to one of (only) 3 granulations, which were implemented ex factory to fix the device.

2CV gearbox pinion lock
About 10 additional granulations, implemented with a narrow chisel around the pinion should be sufficient.

2CV gearbox pinion lock
Here a picture from drivers side.

2CV gearbox cover
Clean the bearing surfaces of the transmission cover and fix it again. Do not forget the spring!

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