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2CV rear fender
The rear fenders are fastened to the front side with four M4 screws, whose nuts are welded at the body. Since these screws had rusted in such a way that I could only drill them out, I had putten M4 high-grade steel screws from the inside now into the drillings. They are fixed with cap nuts from the outside. The upper attachment takes place with three nuts and appropriate screws, that are to be tightened from the interior. In the back under the trunk a metal bracket is fixing the fender. I have forgotten these brackets at the photo.
Between fenders and body still another aluminum border is to be installed. For rust prevention the contact surfaces of fender and body were treated with grease.

2CV triangle plates
he triangle sheet metals.

2CV front fender forkel
These rubber forks keep the front fenders in position.

2CV front bumper
The front bumper...

2CV rear bumper
... and the rear copy. I had to bend these inward at the range of the trailer coupling somewhat.

2CV hood lock
The hood bolting device.

2CV boot flap
This lever keeps the trunk flap open if necessary.

2CV ventilation
The ventilation flap. The sealing rubber represents at the same time the hinge and is screwed on the body. Bent the crease, in which the sealing rubber is wedged, with a broad screwdriver somewhat to attach it. I treated this crease before with cavity fat (one-way syringe), since here rust forms very easily.

2CV splash guards
The splash guards at the front fenders were originally riveted. After drilling this rivets out I used M4 high-grade steel screws + cap nuts. Broad grommets decrease the danger of peeling the mounting holes off.

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