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Pictures sent to me
This site starts to be filled bit by bit, but there is still much space left at the server ...
If you would like to present your car here, please send me a picture of it (or of your screwing work). The resulution should be at least 600 x 400 Pixels (more is better).
If you own a different car then a 2CV, you are also wellcome to send a picture.
My mailing address can be found in the column 'Contact'. I am pleased of every sending.

Ami Super Ami Super Ami Super Ami Super
Ami Super Ami Super
Ami Super
Ami Super
Ami Super Ami Super Ami Super Ami Super
Ami Super Ami Super Vehicle data:
EZ 04/74
Swept volume 1299 ccm
Output 65 hp
KM 152000
Fuel consumption 6,5 - 7,5 Liters
V-max 160 km written on speedometer
Click at the pictures to see the large versions.
Oliver owned a red AMI Super in the early 80s, but sold this car two years later even though he was very pleased with the car. After owning a GSA, 2 BX, 2 Berlingo, C5, C4 and 2 Ducks he found this car in the internet. The French salesperson sent him many pictures so Oliver could see the condition of the AMI. A carrier delivered the car from Montpellier straight to the entry door and Oliver started immediately the overhauling process.
There was a lot of work to be done. The engine was more like an oil pump and as you can see on the pictures above there was some buckling and rust spread over the car. The spare parts were difficult to order, because the AMI Super is different from the AMI 8 and the GS.
Engine and gearbox are from a GSA 1300 and so some parts had to be adapted to the AMI Super. At 4th of August 2008 the car was on the road again and the 2200km traveling to the island Rømø (Denmark) was no problem for the super AMI Super.

2CV6 2CV6

Two aircooled flat engines: The 2CV of Rolf from Nordrhein-Westfahlen (German state) is standing in-between a Porsche 1600 Super from 1962 and two horse-drawn carriages - Deux Chevaux in the truest sense of word.
2CV6 Special 2CV6 Special
2CV6 Special 2CV6 Special
Achim from the Saarland (German state) sent me these four pictures. He is a new member of the 2CV owners. First he bought and overhauled two FIAT 500 (built in 1969 and 1976) and a Mercedes 170 DS from 1953. This winter he and his son overhauled a FIAT 126 and as soon as his young mechanician made his driving licence, he will drive the roads in his 'yellow racer'.
The red and black 'Charleston' is the newest car in Achim's garage. The previous owner was driving this beautiful car from 1987 to 2004 and he wanted to overhaul it somewhen, but ran out of time. When Achim bought the car he gave the assurance to restore the 2CV systematic and promised the previous owner a trip with the overhauled Charleston.
People who can disassemble a FIAT while sleeping and who already gave a Mercedes a second chance will not be overburdened by bringing a 2CV back to the road.

That's what Francesco from Venice wrote when he sent me pictures of his car:
Don't open the picture now....
read first..

I have bought my 2cv charleston on 2000. With my friend Michele we decide to renew everything. We built a super-natural garage ( now look 1.jpg. i'm not looking the camera!! )

Picture 1

we had a lot of beer
a lot of mosquitos
a lot of ideas
not a lot of money
not a lot of time
....but a lot of 2cv passions
and now ( after 3 years ) my 2cv is this : ( now open 2.jpg ).

Picture 2

I send you a 3.jpg image because i think is important to remember we are child , also only in a small part.

Picture 3

best regard and a mountain of happy km to you.

Peter asked from time to time where some special parts have to be placed, which were still remaining in his restauration garage. That was once the reason why I created these pages (not everybody wants to buy a second car to have a closer look)...
Now his car looks like brand new and I hope to see him on the roads of Hessen (the county we both live in).
2CV6 Special 2CV6 Special
2CV6 Special
You could see this car before (down below) in this gallery, but there was an other driver sitting in it. That does not mean that the car has been sold in between. The answer to this riddle is, that you can see the father of Nicolas, the owner of this 2CV6 Special. He is also a enthusiastic 2CV driver and he made his way to the civil registray office in a gray 2CV built in 1952 when he married - so it is a traditional family car.
2CV in Werkstatt
The 2CV of Uwe peeps out of its shelter. The left front wheel shakes a bit too much and so there are some repairs to be done. The blue color covered my own No. 1 when it was produced and maybe I will meet this car at the streets of hessen, because Offenbach is not too far away from my hometown.
2CV Transat
This special modell 'Transat' (Beachcomber) is owned by Rolf from Swizerland. He was driving 4 different 2CVs in the 80s and fell into relapse a few days ago as he told me in his mail. No problem - 'deseases' and 'addictions' like this don't have to be medicated...
Based near the Lake Constance is a good place for a special modell with a reference to yachting (see column 'France3' for more details).
2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung
6th october 2006 Pictures of 'someone who went out to fight the rust' were sent to me by Adrien from Luxembourg. It looks like it is not the first time he is working with a 2CV. He told me to send me some more pictures of his screwing work untill the projekt is finished. I think that wont't be a very long time...
2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung
November 2008
In a second mail he showed me the progress of his work. Sanding, priming, sanding, sanding, priming...
Sounds familiar to me.
At the left you can see what kind of vehicle Adrien uses while not driving his 'MISS TERIOUS'...
2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung
At December the 1st the car came out of the furnace colored with 'Sauce CASSIS' - it looks very good, doesn't it?
2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung
Adrien started immediately the 'Remontage'. You can imagine what a impressive 2CV is created here. The restauration-speed will decrease from now on, because Adrien told me his holidays are over now... 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung
...the break did not last very long. Finishing the attaching parts was the next step...
2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung 2CV in Überarbeitung
...and the pictures of the (except some small parts) remounted car originate from 28th of february 2009. That was much faster than my first project. I am enthusiastic of the result!
2CV in Überarbeitung
That does not mean that Adrien stops his screwing work - there is already a second 2CV in his garage.
2CV und Travtion Avant
This picture was sent to me by Nicolas from Italy. In this mail he told me, that he found (and bought) this fun-car in april 2008 accidently. 30 Years before he owned an AK600 which took him through Europe and nothern Afrika! It is still the original color - great!
Allways cherish your beatifull car, Nicolas.
2CV und Travtion Avant
The Traction Avant is the first 'non 2CV' in this gallery. The proud owner of this front wheel drive - nothing else means the french name - is Michael from the Citroën-Club Rottweil-Tuttlingen (Germany). He also owns the red 2CV between the two Gangster-limousines. The movement to owning a second oldie can be seen here as well as in my own garage...
When I asked fore more details, Michael sent a second mail. The Traction Avant (also known as 11CV) was built in 1952 (March or April) and is still in very good condition. There was no welding work necessary! The body has been repainted and the covering of the doors and the roof interior have been renewed. It is a wheel-model, where the outlines of the spare wheel can be seen at the boot lid.
The 2CV was built in 1989 in Portugal and was very rusty, when Michael bought it. Many parts of the framework had to be replaced by 2mm strong zinc-coated sheets. It is the fourth Duck in Michaels career.
2CV at the top
At this wonderful Picture you can see the 2CV of Johannes, living near Karlsruhe in Germany. Looks like a little rest from a hard Pikes Peak racing...
I first met Sonja from Colonge in Vechta, my first meeting with my freshly restored 2CV. She came there without her duck, because the amount of rust had anticipated the use of it any longer. She wrote me, that she made the decision to restore her car because of my description of my own work - I feel honored.
The limited space of the city forced her to place the body at the front garden during restoration work.
Looks good, go on working on your 2CV - I am waiting for the picture of the Duck being on the road again.
These two Ducks are based in Aumenau, a small village about 10km away from me. The one at the right site of the left photo can also be seen at the right photo and it is owned by Frank. He had bought the car as a cheap facility to prove his welding and screwing-work. While driving the 2CV he started loving it. He shares this passion with his 8 year old daughter and so he made this car become a gift to her.
The duck was built at 16th November 1986, wich means it is a real sunday-car!
The grey Charleston at the left of Photo number one is owned by Charlotte and i will start some investigations about it as soon as possible.
2CV Baujahr 1956
Built in 1956 was the recently overhauled 2CV of Hein from Cologne. Ingo Meier advised him at his restauration work. The result is really lovely.
2CV Baustelle 2CV Baustelle 2CV Baustelle
This picture series is the best proof that men seem to know what women want. As a birthday gift to his girlfriend, Paul created a gift certificate for a new framework of his girlfriends duck. Doreen was amused as I could read in the email. Now the cleaned and re-painted parts are put together again. Looks good from up here and I am confident that I will get a photo later, when the registration plates are assembled again.
2 CV Charleston
The little buckle at the front looks not too good, but the rest of the black and red Charleston is really fine. Michael from Denmark is trying to conserve his 'And', how the 2CV is called there. When the rust prevention is done, the car, which was built in 1989 and imported from Germany, will be good for many more years on the roads of northern Europe.
Later Michael sent me a second mail with the remark, that he didn't have to pay extra money for the front-buckle when he bought the car ;)
Dyane Caban
Rudi from Wien is the proud owner of a Dyane. Right now it is overhauled and made fit for traffic again. It is the special model 'Caban' in dark blue with white decor. Standing on the concrete slab at the green grass, it looks like a monument of long passed by decades...
2CV tyre change
Oops! As soon as an exceptionally gifted mechanic makes a little failure, his daughter has nothing better to do than pressing the shutter of her camera. Maybe Wolfgang just wanted to do a tyre change without using the car jack?
Thanks to Julia from Görsroth (little village in Germany) for the nice photo and to her dad for the great assist.
2CV Offroad
Seems like the car of the photographer of the previous photo can go everywhere. If the photo was taken some meters backward in the sand and if the surface of the 2CV was less glossy, it could be a stop of the rally Paris-Dakkar. Looks like the Taunus is a very rough area...
2CV Claas 2CV Claas 2CV Claas
For 15 Years the 2CV of Claas was sleeping in a underground parking. Now the sleeping beauty is beeing awaken. I hope to get a photo of the finished project, as soon as the car is driving at the roads of the world again.
2CV Jaunette
Duckling looks at dam could be the title of this photo.
You can see Jaunette, the 2CV of Anke and Mike living in Wülfrath. We were neighbours at the Worldmeeting in Sweden 2007.
2CV Hoffmann Cabrio 2CV Hoffmann Cabrio 2CV Hoffmann Cabrio
A great cabriolet from Siggi. I try to get mor Information about Car and driver.
2CV Hochzeitsfahrzeug
Festively decorated for the big show as a wedding car is the 1986 duck from Helmut, living in Apolda. Originally he came from Waldernbach (which is just around the corner from me), but job-related he settled in Thüringen (German county). At the picture, you can't see him, but his son-in-law and his daughter. A beautifull tertian - isn't it?
2CV Charleston im Studio 2CV Charleston im Studio 2CV Charleston im Studio
Alex from Münster is apprentice at a foto studio and also a hobby 2CV mechanic. The three Photos showing his 1984 Charleston, demonstrate his talent in both disciplines. Self restored and self shot! If the 2CV should once become revitalised - here are the fitting promotion-photos.
Klick at the Pictures to see the larger ones - its worth!
Le Patron 2CV
Racy instead of comfortable is the Le Patron of Didier from Belgium.
This car was built in 2002 and was once an Acadiane. The rear axle had to be placed somewhat more in front, due to the longer wheelbase compared to the 2CV. The chassis suspension is also lowered. The engine has not been tuned, but completely overhauled and the polished valve covers are decorated with the LePatron-branding. The conversion took 2Years and as you can see it was worth it.
In 2008 a GS1050-gearbox as well as a Visa-engine with a special calmshaft and 123-Ignition shall be attached. It will be a perfect Ferrari-shocker when the replacemant is done...
Versteckter 2CV Ente
Hidden behind branches you can see the shy poultry of Dierk from Hamburg.
2CV Ente grün mit Pflaster
I first met Maike and Uwe at the Ferry to Göteborg when traveling to the worldmeeting in sweden. Some weeks later they sent me a picture of their glossy green duck. I'll investigate what the patch at the fender is good for.
2CV taubenblauer Scheunenfund
This picture of a barn find was sent to me by Peter Bandur from my hometown. It's not a find in the actual sense, since he placed this duck in the barn of his father by himself in 1993, because the engine did not work any longer. His brother already told me about the treasure, but I did not take a look at it, because my storage capacity is already exhausted and finally I could not have resisted an offer (you know about that).
Now Peter sent this picture to me, not to make an offer. He wants to drive this car by himself 'sometimes' - possibly I can shorten this 'sometimes' somehow...
2CV Kastenente
The serbian postservice-truckette from Moritz (Frankfurt) makes the beginning.