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2CV door lock
The door lock. Here in the condition 'OPEN'. The split pin reaches into the outside tube, carries it with during the rotating motion and the door can be opened.

2CV door lock
Here in the condition 'CLOSE'. The split pin brought in and the tube, where the door handle is fastened, turns freely. If the door should not be able to be closed any longer correctly, disassemble the cylinder, clean it and insert it well greased again.

2CV door lock
The closing mechanics of the front doors.

2CV door lock
First the elbow of the lever is fastened. Now the linkage can be screwed in this elbow.

2CV door lock
Now attatch the door lock and fit the spring.

2CV door lock
The door lock in the back right.

2CV door
The counterparts of the door locks at the body. With the help of the distance plates the correct adjustment takes place.

2CV folding windows
The bolting devices of the folding windows in front.

2CV mirror door
The mirror attachments:
If the mirror should be too loosely fastened it could be, because of the fact that the plastic or rubber tube is damaged or is missing. The large screw prevents the rotation around the axle of this screw. The two small screws avoid folding the mirrors.

2CV Tür aluminum trim
The aluminum trim is attached with small steel pins. Before the attachment I greased them, in order to prevent rust.

2CV Tür sealing rubber
The sealing rubber of the rear door on the driver's side. It is wedged in beading along the door. I bent this crease with a broad screwdriver upward and greased it well. If the sealing rubber is attached, bent the crease back.

2CV folding window
The folding window of the driver's door.

2CV Tür hinge-joints
The front doors are fastened with 2 hinge-joints. The rear doors are pushed into the metal crease of the B-column.

2CV covering of the doors
The covering of the doors are attatched with metal clips at the lower range. They are clamped with the internal plastic door handles at the top. The front linings are kept additional by the hinge-joints.

2CV covering of the doors
The internal plastic door handles.

2CV covering of the doors
The covering of the driver's door. Contrary to the original I attached bags for small stuff and an umbrella holder her (have seen in a Rollce- Royce). At the rear doors theese extras are missing.
You can find the manufacturer of the materials used her in the column 'links'.

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