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2CV heating cylinderhead
The panelling around the cylinder heads represent the source of the warm air of the 2CV heating.
In the early series these panelling was made of metal, later Citroën took plastic. If someone would offer me the metal panells for 50,- Euro, I could become weak...

2CV heating cylinderhead
Somewhen I found those metal covers, costing just 20,-€.
The lower half is fixed at the cylinder heads by two bolts M7 (rubber- and metal covers). When disassembling, those screws should be loosened, too!

2CV heating panelling cylinderheads
Here in the installed condition. At the photo the spark plugs are not yet inserted. They are screwed in together with metall tubes to the cylinder head. So no warm air can escapes here, the remaining opening is closed with a rubber cover.

2CV heating heat exchanger
From the cylinder heads the warm air flows into the heat exchangers, which enclose the manifold. In these parts flaps are attached, which lead the warm air either into the interior (automatic controller on 'warm') or into the fenders (automatic controllers on 'cold').

2CV heating tubes
The warm air is led by the heating tubes, made of foam material and paper, in the car interior. Sometimes flexible aluminum tubes are used, as e.g. for exhaust air tunnels in the kitchen. But they are too thin-walled and break easily, since the engine vibrates too strongly.

2CV heating ventilation
I changed the manipulators of the two ventilation flaps. In addition this angle is needed

2CV heating
Here you can see the whole in installed condition. The advantage of this attachment is a shorter actuating cable for the ventilation flaps, which is more smooth-running.

2CV Heizung Bowdenzug
Heat exchanger in position 'could' - the air is directed to the wheel housings.

2CV heating
The engine compartment side of the heating in overview.

2CV heating adjustment
The quantity of warm air supply is regulated from the inside with this lever.

2CV lever heating
And here it belongs to.

2CV heating
This lever switches between warm air down and above (windshield) from the inside. The plastic guidance of the lever had been misplaced. I replaced it by a part of a plastic dowel (green).

2CV heating windshield
On the right the lever is in the inserted condition. If the lever is pulled out as at the photo, air blows to the windshield, differently into the floor space.
In the center the Choke can be seen and on the left the hand brake lever.

2CV heating
In the engine compartment the flap is attached.

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