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2CV Rolldach
The two materials my roll roof is made of, are imitation leather (air and waterproof) and as cover material teflon-coated cotton (looks better and is tear-firmer).
The source of supply of the materials used by me can be found in the column 'links'.
Remember the shrinking of the drapery! I did not think of that and so my roof became a little bit too 'tight-fitting'. You can also wash and dry the drapery 2 to 3 times. There will be a minor shrinking process afterwards.
Disappointing is the fact that the red color of my roof faded during one year. The microfiber drapery of the interior is fortunately more robust against ultraviolet light and still looks like at the first day.

2CV Rolldach
The necessary tension is provided by two rubber leashes at the edges of the roof. The hooks at the ends of these cords had been strongly corroded, so I replaced them by a piece of aluminum pipe and strong wire.

2CV Rolldach
Likewise corroded was the bar, which represents the rear conclusion of the roof. The reproduction was done by a square aluminum bare 10 x 10mm.

2CV Rolldach Fensterrahmen
The window framework is bonded with glue.

2CV Rolldach Heckscheibe
The trick with the cord does not work here, so it was very fiddly to mount the pane.

2CV Rolldach Kofferraumdeckel
The rear attachment of the roll roof at the body represents at the same time the hinge joint for the trunk lid.

2CV Rolldach
The two pipes, which are in the center of the roof where also replaced by aluminum pipes.

2CV Rolldach
If the roof of the 2CV is opened it is nicked at the fulcrum of the handle. I strengthened this range by two pieces PVC (remainders of a floor mat).

2CV Rolldach Isolierung
As roof isolation foam material of the strength 5mm is used.

2CV Rolldach Befestigung
The rear attachment from the inside...

2CV Rolldach Befestigung
...and from the outside.

2CV Rolldach Beschlag
The fittings in the roof center. I implemented the attachment here, as also at all other parts of the roofs with M4 screws with cap nuts and grommets.

2CV Rolldach Klappmechanik
The handle of the folding mechanics.

2CV Rolldach Bügel
With the locking of the hinged handle the sun visors are fastened also at the same time.

2CV Rolldach Sonnenblende
And in such a way it looks inserted. I treated the axis of rotation of the sun visors with oil, since these were quite stiff and if this part is too immovable, the plastic attachment will break out.

2CV Rolldach Sonnenblende
At the front a rubber joint is clamped by a aluminium profile.

2CV Rolldach
Over the back window I attached a 1cm broad aluminum bar with 4 points of screw connection, because the original roofs of my two 2CVs peeled off at these fastening spots easily. At both ends of this bar I attached small grasps, where the opened roof can be fixed.

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